architecture, esth-ethics



NEW INFRASTRUCTURES is Think Forward 4th intervention in „St. St. Cyril and Methodius“ school in Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria. NEW INFRASTRUCTURES is a project for renovating the school hallways. The existing hallways are child-unfriendly, poorly lit with compromised acoustic environment causing echoing. The sole purpose of the hallways is as a functional link between different school zones. Think Forward renovation proposal aims at transforming the space into new spatial infrastructure, social infrastructure, and infrastructure of values.

The new spatial infrastructure enables children to navigate easily in the school by colour marking of key areas. All transitional spaces and stairwells are marked in dark blue. Active orange colour invites children to the gym, and a blue metal arch frames Demokratos Hall entrance. Light green and purple colours separate the first floor from the second one. Toilets for boys, girls and teachers are also renovated and color-coded. All classroom doors are replaced with translucent models in order greater transparency in the educational process to be achieved.

„NEW INFRASTRUCTURES“ second layer is the social infrastructure. It fills the hallways with elements that encourage group games and free communication. Oval vinyl flooring fields mark spatial puzzles spots – a challenge for students and teachers. The social infrastructure is enriched with an exhibition wall system and plywood benches.

The third layer of the project – the infrastructure of values – builds the spiritual world of the school. A legend of symbols depicting values ​​such as honesty, patience, trust, respect, etc., welcomes the children in the foyer. Students recognize one of these symbols on their classroom doors and may accept it as their value during the school year.