architecture, esth-ethics




ELMS “Geo Milev”, Burgas

The purpose of this project is to revitalize the ground level of ELMS „Geo Milev“ and to start the third and final stage of its transformation into an alternative educational and creative research complex, after the renovation of the library and the completion of the project „Creative Room“. Fun Room represents multifunctional space performing the following functions:
– A reference point to the library and the creative room;
– Information center for upcoming events, courses and clubs in the creative room;
– Space for extracurricular and school activities;
– Anti-stress interactive lounge with installations;
The last function is the main one. Based on it the Fun Room becomes an attractive relaxing area for students during school breaks. Two interactive installations were created in order to „kill“ 5 to 15 minutes in between every two hours – a mirror installation and a QR code wall. Besides a spectacular spatial element the parametric mirror installation that multireflects the image, is also a metaphor for the necessity of personal and professional self-determination at this age. This vital task is facilitated by the QR code wall. The QR installation is also a result of the strong position of the school allowing usage of smartphones in schools. In support of this position the new technologies were combined with 72 QR codes that lead the students into 72 fun, educational, scientific, art-related web sites. The expected results are an active rest combined with fun and intellectual activities, improvement of students grades, higher attendance at the library, expansion of students horizons, career guidance.