ArtScience Centre


architecture, esth-ethics




Project: ArtScience Centre
Type: Renovation
Location: St. St. Cyril and Methodius School, Sveti Vlas
Client: Chubrina Stefanova
Year: 2021
Photos: © Think Forward

Conceptual and technical design: Think Forward
Products – metal and wood: Protoform
Graphics: Gabriela Ivanova

ArtScience Centre project is the result of the need for project-based education in Bulgarian schools, which focus mainly on theoretical knowledge due to lack of adequate facilities.

The new ArtScience Centre consists of spaces for digital arts, music studio, photography studio, workshops for analogue and digital modeling, natural science laboratory, as well as the hallway which acts as a crossing point of science and art. The natural science laboratory and the workshop for analogue and digital modeling are the first two renovated spaces. Inspired by modern educational methods, the new spaces explore the possibilities for interdisciplinary training. The laboratory unites three separate existing rooms and expands into a large space for teaching natural sciences. The amphitheater seating area allows different modes of teaching, work in small groups, as well as practical training in chemistry and biology. The other learning space consists of areas for relaxation, discussion and interactive teaching. The workshop for analogue and digital modeling facilitates students to work in groups on digital tasks in the center of the space, or individually in the periphery on analogue tasks.

The project is implemented thanks to the delegated budget of St. St. Cyril and Methodius School.