architecture, esth-ethics




SS. Cyril and Methodius School, Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria


In 2015 a new multifunctional space was opened in the Bulgarian primary school „SS. Cyril and Methodius“. 5 ROOMS, which is a part of the corridor space, has become the heart of the school where students of all ages socialize by the means of music, dance and games.

After several successfully implemented educational and social projects, Think Forward are invited to create a concept for the space. Galina Milkova, Nedko Nikolov and the school management committee identify the children excess energy problem which sometimes results in violence. A possible solution is channeling children aggresion into constructive activities that develop kids’ imagination, artistic talents and mental abilities.

The principal of the school – Chubrina Stefanova, provides a small room of 29 square metres for the purpose of the project. The insufficient area is transformed into a concept for a clash of 5 rooms – a classroom, a playroom, a dance room, a music room and a mirror room. Each functional zone is differentiated by materials and specially designed graphics. The classroom is invisible because of the hidden white board. Covered in hypoallergenic carpet, it can also be used as a relaxation area. The play function is implied by symbols behind which board games are positioned. The latter are selected thoughtfully in order to develop children social skills. The dance room is characterized by a mirror wall. Next to it the music room gives children access to a tablet on which music can be uploaded and played. „5 ROOMS“ is a magical space, which makes sense due to the fifth element of the project – the mirror room. Only in the reflected room the clock displays the correct time and the messages accompanying the individual rooms are readable.

The boundary between the magical reality and the reflected logical unreality is a confirmation that projects in the educational system may be different and successful.