ArtScience Centre 02


architecture, esth-ethics, exhibitions




Project: ArtScience Centre 02
Type: Renovation
Location: “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, Sveti Vlas
Year: 2022
Photos: ©Think Forward
Installations: Think Forward & Protoform


ArtScience Centre 02 is part of a project for renovating the interior spaces in the subterranean floor of “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” school in the town of Sveti Vlas, encompassing the transformation and creation of spaces for digital and analogue arts and modelling, cabinets for music and creativity, natural sciences laboratory and the corridor spaces as the intersection point between all subjects. The project explores methods to integrate practice-based learning in Bulgarian school institutions and buildings, where currently the focus is mainly on theoretical knowledge due to lack of adequate facilities.

Stage 02 of ArtScience Centre invites the pupils to play with curiosity and creativity in the corridors. Different zones, games and puzzles are arranged in the playful geometric space created by a patterned vinyl covering the floor and walls. The geometry shapes recreation zones where mobile seats can be arranged in groups and offer a place for rest and socialising. Discrete hanging profiles are mounted on the white walls near all zones, allowing exhibitions of colourful student artwork.

To the background of exhibitions and informal zones, it is the interactive games that offer a constantly changing atmosphere. Three interactive games offer different ways to discover the interaction of sciences and arts: “Collage”, “Glucophone” and “Sound of Touch”.​​​​​​​


Sound of Touch Installation

“Sound of Touch” is an interactive game leading the imagination from analogue touch and movement to digital artwork and sound through the science of electrical conductors and technology. Can touch have a sound of its own? One only needs to follow three steps in order to hear the sound of touch. Touch the first metal sphere and ask a friend to touch the adjacent one. This way you ‘become’ the two ends of a music chain – you only need to close the loop. The moment you touch each other’s free hand, you will be composing music with your actions. Every change in the duration and strength of your touch will change the sound of the melody – your arms are now musical instruments, and you – composers!


Glucophone Table

“Glucophone” explores the power of music, allowing students to play with mallets on metal tongue drums, composing melodies while noticing the different musical tones and their reverberation in the air.


Collage Games

“Collage” is a physics/art game introducing foreign artists, and their philosophy to students, quickly asking them to explore the physical properties of magnets to create a reimagined artwork using a well-known artistic masterpiece as an inspiration.