Svetlana Spasova


Incanto restaurant  is located in Galleria shopping centre in Burgas, Bulgaria. The creative challenge of the project is differentiating a respected restaurant brand from the strongly commercialized context of the shopping centre. The ethical one – to provide a sense-elevating pause. Though the tenant industrial-rustic-retro vision was quite clear, the unifying concept came from elsewhere. The inheritance of a brick wall, a concrete floor and a high ceiling of the former restaurant, located in the same space, inspired the concept of a small piazza, implemented through the means of scenography. House brick facades, decorated by window plots, frame the concrete piazza. A green lemon trees axis divides the space and forms a central bar stool area. The outdoor atmosphere is supplemented by rustic wooden tables and chairs, street lighting, more than 70 bulbs garden lighting installation, an “open air” black and white cinema, downspouts. Thus an outdoor escape within the loud indoor senses- burdening world is created.